FDA green-lights late trials for new, non-opioid painkiller

Jul 11, 2018

A non-narcotic pain reliever has been given the go-ahead for late-stage trials by the FDA.

The drug, PRF-110, is being developed by the Israeli firm PainReform. It will now enter two phase 3 trials, where it will continue being tested for post-operative pain.

Unlike opioids, which are typically prescribed for days to weeks to treat pain after an operation, PRF-110 is given to the patient during surgery and works by targeting the activation of a local analgesic. One study showed that it could help relieve pain for up to 72 hours after surgery.

Although the drug is not likely to eliminate the need for opiates for many patients, it could delay and reduce the amount prescribed.

The company estimates that the market potential for this kind of treatment could be as high as $5 billion.

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