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  • Chromatography Resource Center
    Here at Thermo Fisher Scientific's Chromatography Resource Center you will find technical tips, tools and other resources to help you overcome your separation challenges and improve your chromatography.

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Guidance Documents for IND Applications

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  • More famous quotations
    Everything from the classics (Ovid, Shakespeare, Shaw) to contemporaries
  • Contest for Bad Writing
    Guaranteed to make you feel better about your current writing ability and skills
  • Cliches to Avoid
    At the end of the day, these are the phrases to defenestrate.  Are we on the same page? (U.K. site)
  • Business Etiquette: Global Tips
    Offers specific tips based on global regions and countries
  • How to Communicate To the Media and Public About Science/Engineering
    Tips on communicating about science and engineering effectively, in a sound-bite world (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology web site)
  • Writing with numbers
    Useful resources and training; includes section on making quantitative information more compelling in writing and presentations.
  • Collection of quotes
    Looking for a quote to liven up a presentation or report?  This site offers a wide selection
  • Profession jokes
    A lighter look at the professions (sparing no one---biologists, chemists, engineers and pharmacists all included)
  • The Musical Works of J. Edwards Deming
    We all know him for his pioneering work in quality, but Deming was also a composer. Download his work and try it out via this handy link.
  • Cooking for Engineers
    Recipes and forums for technically-minded gourmets.
  • Creative Diversions from Bosch Rexroth
    For your amusement, employees at Bosch Rexroth have created a subsite called “Creative Diversions.” Initially set up to celebrate the fun side of the engineering profession, the site has branched out to include music, videos, and even signs related to all types of workplace humor.

Industry Standards

  • Overdosed America
    Dr. John Abramson primary care physician and author of “Overdosed America” questions the biased and, at times faulty research that leads doctors to over-prescribe medicines to patients.

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