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2019 Pharma Innovation Awards

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Ironically, the phrase used to praise an innovative new product — “the greatest thing since sliced bread” — has become so unoriginal that it’s cliché.In the 1920s, however, the convenience of commercialized pre-sliced bread was what the American food consumer wanted — and after the first machine appeared in 1928, equipment manufacturers and bakery industry experts got to task, improving and adding to the existing designs.This forward leap in the baking industry could not have happened without rethinking what equipment can do, and the persistent efforts of those looking to incrementally improve on this innovation.Here at Pharma Manufacturing, we understand…

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  • BIO 2019: It starts with one

    This past June, Philadelphia hosted the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s 2019 BIO International Convention. The event, which touts itself the “world’s largest meeting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries,” delivered on its promise, hosting more than 17,000 attendees…

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  • Today's solid dose drugs: High potency, high stakes

    By Thomas P. Wilson, Contract Manufacturing Lead, Pfizer CentreOne

    As oral solid dose (OSD) drugs in development become more potent, regulatory expectations keep changing. To sustain compliance proactively, drug developers and their partners must develop a clear understanding to navigate current complex regulatory environments and build their manufacturing…

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  • Product Focus: Optimizing your ebb and flow

    By Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor

    It’s no secret that in pharma, consistency is king. When it comes to fluid handling, manufacturers need components that will churn out reliable and safe results. But there are also opportunities to maximize this critical area of operations to boost speed, increase efficiency and control costs.As…

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  • Pharma innovation: Depends how you slice it

    By Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director

    Finding an innovative approach to discussing innovation is not easy. The word itself has been overused, as have all of the ways in which people describe innovation (such as “the greatest thing since sliced bread”).That being said, I’m quite fascinated by the origins of sliced bread (I also…

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  • Safe & sterile powder transfer

    By Christian Dunne, Global Head of Sterile Solutions, ChargePoint Technology

    Sterile manufacturing environments are open to many sources of potential contamination if not managed correctly. Air filtration systems, materials transfer and operators all pose potential risks – a fully gowned operator may create as many as 150,000 particles per minute, many of which are viable…

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  • Qualifying your cleanroom

    By Jessica Rayser, Product Manager, Accugenix Services, Charles River and Lucia Ceresa, Senior Product Specialist, Microbial Solutions, Charles River

    Technology, manufacturing processes, and regulatory trends have changed in the 10 years since the last revision to Annex 1 of the EU GMP Guideline for the Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products. With the revised document set for release this year, the updates significantly impact quality control…

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