Challenges to data integrity in the pharma lab

To prioritize data integrity in the lab, companies must implement good data practices throughout the R&D process

Sharpening pharma's data integrity with automation

Built-in ability to meet data integrity standards should be a central focus when selecting control systems and manufacturing execution systems for pharma manufacturing

The pharma manufacturing facility of the future

The challenges are surmountable — and worth taking on to help build advantages

Protecting pharma's most valuable asset: intellectual property

By taking the necessary precautions, pharma manufacturers can minimize the damage to their company when things go wrong

Time for Pharma 4.0

TSN-driven technologies can support advanced data governance

MES and MOM: Understanding the difference

A look at the difference between MES and MOM and why the two terms are used side by side
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Empowering the pharma workforce

How exploring the synergy between AI and human expertise can help build a well-trained workforce
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How drugmakers can avoid another devastating respiratory season

As we debrief from the previous respiratory season, here are some ways pharma manufacturers can best position themselves for the season to come
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Securing pharma's fast-expanding data landscape

A layered defense-in-depth approach is the best way to handle pharmaceutical manufacturing data security
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AI: Cybersecurity’s powerful new tool

How pharma can leverage artificial intelligence-enhanced technology to protect from cyberthreats
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AI beyond drug development

How artificial intelligence can streamline pharma procurement and supply chain management
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Alleviating bottlenecks in the product life cycle

How the adoption of AI and data-driven techniques can increase efficiencies in pharma manufacturing
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Navigating pharma's growing data integrity challenges

Implementing a robust compliant approach rather than a ‘technology first’ mindset can help ensure data integrity
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Cybersecurity: A lurking variable

Investing in cybersecurity upfront will save headaches in the future

How pharma can overcome inflation

Hint: It’s not by raising prices