Sanofi CEO lets go of four execs

Feb. 12, 2020

Sanofi’s new CEO is ramping up his efforts to reform the company at its executive level.

This week, Paul Hudson, who was hired as Sanofi’s chief last September, said that executives will be departing from four posts: chief medical officer and chief digital officer, executive vice president of primary care, executive vice president of external affairs and the executive vice president of business transformation.

Hudson has stated his intent to revamp and implement Sanofi’s new executive structure by the second quarter. 

The shift in the company’s strategy is also impacting its product portfolio. According to Bloomberg, Sanofi has ditched its efforts to find novel heart disease and diabetes drugs and is instead focusing on areas like vaccines, cancer and anti-inflammatories. One of its key growth drivers, Dupixent, a monoclonal antibody for eczema and asthma, is expected to pull in up to $10.9 billion per year.  

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