With drug prices on the rise, more affordable copies of brand-name drugs play an important role in the market. This section offers content pertaining to the manufacturing, regulatory and market challenges faced by generics, as well as their biologic counterparts, biosimilars.


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Assuring generic access evermore

Generics’ longevity hinges on steady, straightforward storytelling
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Nevertheless, they persisted

How drugmakers are fighting to keep reproductive health drugs available, safe and legal

Another brick in the fall: Pharma’s biggest hit is granting licenses to patents

Music wouldn’t be quite as interesting without the legal histrionics of rock bands.In addition to having one of the best-selling albums in U.S. history, Pink Floyd is also known...

Drug deals: Casting the role of the ‘bad guy’

When headlines began calling out the “largest cartel in the history of the United States,” people kept reading

Legal unease

How the generics industry is adjusting as the dust settles on price-fixing lawsuits

Global Dose: Focus on Australia

While the R&D and clinical world has stayed on the cutting edge of modern medicine, the country’s manufacturing industry has slipped through the cracks of Australia’s economy...

10 major drugs falling off the patent cliff in 2021

At some point, the patent cliff claims the high-rolling life of market exclusivity for all drugs — and 2021 is, of course, no exception.Although the industry has been flushed ...

Global Dose: Focus on India

The world's leader of generic drug production looks towards new horizons in pharma

Top pharma industry predictions for 2021

In many ways, the beginning of 2021 isn’t just one of the most welcome New Years of the modern era — it could also be a turning point between the pre-COVID and post-COVID worlds...

BARDA wants you

After a year of historic deals, BARDA looks to recruit more partners in pharma

Global Dose: Focus on United Arab Emirates

The Middle East's lap of luxury looks to pharma for its next economic boom

Manufactured patriotism

The government wants to reshore generics, but the drug industry isn’t celebrating

Bring it home

Inside the movement to put generic drug production back on America's shores

Global Dose: Focus on Russia

After building its domestic infrastructure, Russia's pharma industry looks to go global

Global Dose: Focus on Iraq

Corruption and political unrest create a challenging — but not impossible — pharma environment