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Pharma Innovation Awards 2023: Hitting the nail on the head

With drugmakers facing incredible pressures to get drugs to market quickly, safely and affordably, every addition to development and manufacturing efficiencies matters

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The great reappearing act: ADCs' triumphant return

In our three-part series, we cover the trajectory of cancer-fighting ADCs in the pharma industry, including the modality’s history, obstacles and success stories
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Nevertheless, they persisted

How drugmakers are fighting to keep reproductive health drugs available, safe and legal
Pharma Manufacturing's Top Threes in 2023

Pharma Manufacturing highlights the top threes of 2023

The highlights (and lowlights) of a year in pharma, through the lens of Pharma Manufacturing
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Shedding stigmas

Modern-day medications might finally mean obesity can be viewed as treatable
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Pharma's weight loss challenge: The incretin effect

This three-part series will dig into incretin mimetics, their rise to fame in weight management and what it will take for the drug class to truly transform obesity care
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OSD soars: Advancements leading the way in drug delivery

In this initial installment of our exploration into the history and evolution of oral solid dose drugs, we take a look at the transformative path from ancient pills to the future...

AbbVie to acquire Cerevel for $8.7B

This move aims to bolster AbbVie's presence in the neuroscience sector

Novartis factor B inhibitor wins first FDA nod for rare blood disorder

Fabhalta is the first oral monotherapy for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Travere to axe 20% of workforce

Amid regulatory challenges, the biotech is letting go non-field-based employees.

Merck KGaA blockbuster hopeful BTK drug fails in MS trials

Two phase 3 trials investigating evobrutinib did not meet primary endpoints


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eBook: Best of Pharma 2023

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eBook: New, innovative technology addresses manufacturing operational challenges

Hydraulic tank scale calibration reduces downtime and water consumption and improves productivity.
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How to Guide: Building a business case for a digitalized QC platform

Discover five steps required to help create a compelling business case and get the key facts and figures you need to achieve senior buy-in for a digitalized QC Platform.
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eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Fall 2023)

The pharma industry is under pressure to speed new drugs to market, lower manufacturing costs and expand into new markets — and they are looking for partners who can help. CDMOs...

Case study: Maintaining quality and equivalency in custom cell culture media manufacturing from development to large-scale cGMP production

Challenges can arise when transitioning a media formulation from a non-cGMP prototype to a cGMP-manufactured product. Our case study outlines the scale-up process that was used...

Smoothing the transition: liquid, dry powdered media, and advanced granular technologies

Considering scalability, cost effectiveness, and convenience is essential to find a media format that can meet your current and future needs. Read our article to learn more about...

Bringing down the barriers to process monitoring in biopharma

How modern process analytical technologies such as Raman spectroscopy can improve quality control
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Bridging the gap between R&D and GMP

Companies prioritizing optimized synthetic routes, stable API forms, and verified analytical tools set the stage for phase I clinical manufacturing success
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7 challenges of NGS-based biomarkers

Next generation sequencing has unprecedented power in biology, but has yet to reach its full potential in medicine
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Alleviating bottlenecks in the product life cycle

How the adoption of AI and data-driven techniques can increase efficiencies in pharma manufacturing

Pallet-to-patient temperature monitoring is in our pocket

It’s essential to examine where the industry stands in regulating drugs and the improvement areas from the dispenser to the patient level

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Optimizing mRNA therapeutics

Novel techniques for mRNA delivery, capping and more will be key to producing more effective vaccines
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OSD spreads its wings

Bright ideas are helping drugs and butterflies take flight
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OSD soars: Evolution of oral solid dose technology

In phase 2 of our OSD series, we cover the resurgence of fixed-dose combinations and the pursuit of effective oral delivery for biologics


Quality & Risk

5 steps to improve your contamination control strategy

A robust contamination control strategy isn't merely a guideline, it's a necessity
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[Slideshow] Pharma Manufacturing's essential reference guide

Quick answers to all your pharma manufacturing questions
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[Slideshow] What keeps pharma up at night?

13 pharma scaries….and solutions that offer reprieve