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The testo 6681 High End Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) Transmitters are specifically designed for maximum uptime and minimum downtime in critical HVAC facility control applications.

According to Robert Bove, Product Manager, “The new testo 6681 delivers reliable performance, tighter HVAC temperature and humidity control, less drift from set points, and reduced operating costs in demanding pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor and environmental control companies.”

A wide range of interchangeable Smart probes, including a unique interchangeable duct mount probe, ensure total monitoring flexibility. Calibrations are fast and easy because all calibration settings are saved in the probe, not the transmitter.

An Early Warning System (standard in all models) alerts the user of sensor problems before readings go beyond set points. Advanced features include powerful P2A Software for control/auditing, a field upgradable Profibus-DP module, and a convenient service cover for access to communication and service ports.

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