Metropolitan Computing Corp. (MCC)

MCC now offers a software tool for optimization and scale-up of tableting and granulation.

The tableting calculator evaluates the minimum consolidation time (maximum compaction speed) at which tablets of a satisfactory quality can be produced. It also calculates the speed at which different production presses offer the minimum satisfactory consolidation time, and what tablet output can be expected from different presses at that optimal speed. It compares feeding, consolidation, dwell, relaxation, contact, ejection and total tableting times for various tablet presses and quantifies productivity of different presses at the same consolidation time (compaction speed). In addition, it calculates and compares consolidation time for different presses at the same productivity as well as performance efficiency factors (feeding, consolidation, and ejection efficiency numbers).

The granulation end-point calculator determines net impeller power (the target quantity for scale up) for various wet mass conditions using density, viscosity, fill ratio, mixer speed, blade radius, or Newton (power), Froude or Reynolds dimensionless numbers. It also recalculates Newton power number, given net impeller power, impeller speed, blade radius, and wet mass density. In addition, it calculates wet mass viscosity, given net impeller power, blade radius and impeller speed, and calculates fill ratio, given powder weight, granulating liquid density, and liquid and bowl volumes.

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