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Emerson Process Management has released version 8.4 of DeltaV system software, which includes enhancements to help users prevent abnormal situations. DeltaV digital automation systems are a core component of Emerson’s open, standards-based PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

With the new software release, standard HART device status information can now be used by predictive diagnostics that generate PlantWeb alerts. The unique alerts and accompanying guidance help users take remedial actions that can head off abnormal situations in the plant. In an additional enhancement, conditional alarming has been extended toFoundation fieldbus devices, enabling the devices to deliver critical predictive alarms for immediate attention by operations staff to avoid unplanned downtime.

“Operators need to know when critical field devices are in need of attention and need not be bothered when devices and processes are operating normally,” said Dave Deitz, director of marketing for the DeltaV system. “By extending our PlantWeb Alerts to HART protocol devices, we can alert maintenance and operations personnel to potential problems so as to avoid disruptions to the process. This extension of PlantWeb Alerts to HART devices is significant for installed base customers who can now take advantage of hidden predictive diagnostics in all of their HART devices.”

"Similarly, by adding conditional alarming support for our analog Input, discrete Input, and PID function blocks for Foundation fieldbus devices, it is possible to suppress nuisance alarms that interfere with attention to process operations,”said Deitz. "Configuration of conditional alarms 'on' and/or 'off' delay times can significantly reduce the numbers of nuisance alarms that are caused by temporary transient conditions."

For more on the v8.4 release, visit www.EasyDeltaV.com/version84.

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