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The 2004GT Leonardo Da Trapi is the world's first serious fly trap art, according to its maker, Gilbert Industries. Stick with Leo's Mona Lisa Masterpiece or slip-in a masterpiece (or ad) of your own. Premium, custom-punched frames are available.

Leonardo Da Trapi features:

  • Two 20-watt insect attractant lamps (Osram Sylvania #F20T12/350BL);

  • Artfully punched front door, which swings up for easy access to primary glueboard and "masterpiece" tray for service;

  • Antique brass and aluminized steel construction;

  • 1-year warranty (excluding lamps, boards, and masterpiece/holder).

A second (optional) glueboard will fit behind the "masterpiece". The front is punched by a special process that appoximates the handcrafting of artisans (small hammermarks ensure that no two Leonardos are the same). Gilbert recommends that users change the glueboard(s) regularly — at least as often as local codes require.

Purchasers may choose from the standard 6-ft. 3-wire power cord or the optional hard-wire version for an aesthetic, cordless look. Universal knockouts and keyhole mounting slots are provided. Dimensions: 29 1/2" x 15 9/16" x 2 7/8".

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