Pall Life Sciences Wins Interphex Best-in-Show Distinction

April 23, 2015

International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX), sponsored by the Parenteral Drug Association, has announced that Pall Life Sciences was awarded "Best in Show" for the 2015 INTERPHEX Exhibitor Awards.

Pall Life Sciences was recognized for its new patented breakthrough technology called Cadence™ -- a single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) technology that uses a staged flow path design to achieve significantly higher concentration factors (2-4x or greater) in one pump pass than is possible with conventional TFF systems that include a recirculation loop.

The key innovation offered by the Cadence SPTFF technology is the ability to achieve the significant concentration of downstream biopharmaceutical process streams in a single pass without the need for recirculation. With this technology, smaller volumes, higher titers and higher product recoveries are achieved compared with those possible with conventional TFF systems.

Additionally, the Cadence SPTFF technology can eliminate or reduce intermediate storage tanks and associated cleaning of tanks when using the systems for in-process volume reduction before or after existing steps.

To learn more about this breakthrough technology, visit Pall