GSK opens continuous manufacturing plants

July 8, 2019

GlaxoSmithKline has opened two “state-of-the-art” facilities in Singapore with continuous manufacturing capabilities. 

The company’s new digs are part of an expansion at its site in Jurong. One of the continuous manufacturing facilities will be focused on API production for clinical trials. It will also crank out the company’s supply of Daprodustat, a new chemical entity that will be used as a treatment for anemia associated with chronic kidney disease. 

The expansion will also allow GSK to expand its production of Dolutegravir, one of the company’s medicines in its HIV portfolio. 

GSK says that the adoption of continuous manufacturing operations over traditional batch processing will accelerate its production of breakthrough medicines. 

 “Advanced manufacturing systems are pivotal for GSK to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector,” Lim Hock Heng, vice president and side director, Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Singapore at GSK, said. “Further investment in digital manufacturing operations and processes will allow GSK to ensure efficient and high-quality production of our medicines.” 

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