Singing the Praises of Lab Safety

Feb. 14, 2019
Lab safety is no joke, but this parody is too good to pass up

The importance of laboratory research to the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated. The pharma lab makes essential contributions in product/process development and process improvement, setting the stage for successful scale up and commercialization.

To draw attention to these important topics, we've created a dedicated section on our website highlighting advances in medical science and pharmaceutical R&D.

New digital and automation technologies have created big opportunities for change in pharma QC laboratories. In our recent article, The Future of Quality Control, the author emphasizes that pharma companies need both the foresight to make long-term strategic investments, including those in R&D for developing and filing new test methods, and the agility to adapt those plans as technologies rapidly evolve.

Poor laboratory practices can halt the industry's progress. While lab safety is certainly not a laughing matter  — poor practices can lead to compliance issues, increased cost, increased cycle time and delayed product introductions  —  we can all appreciate a little levity now and then.

To that end, we thought you might enjoy this jingle from Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE Inc. The duo creates song parodies and short videos on “fun and interesting science.” “Lab Rules” (video below) takes the Dua Lipa song “New Rules” and works it into sound advice for process safety.

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