Glass pieces trigger Merck recall

Oct. 21, 2021

Merck has voluntarily yanked 22,000 vials of Cubicin after a piece of glass was found in a vial. 

Cubicin is used to treat several types of infections and is administered in a hospital setting through IV. According to Merck, infusion of a glass particulate could lead to a number of adverse effects including swelling and infection at the injection site, or potentially life-threatening clotting in blood vessels. 

Thus, after receiving a report of that a piece of glass was found in a 500 mg vial of the drug, Merck issued the nationwide recall.

“Our highest priorities are the health and safety of patients and the quality of our medicines and vaccines,” Richard M. Haupt, M.D., MPH, vice president and head, Vaccines & Infectious Diseases, Merck Research Labs, said. “We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by this recall.” 

The company said that the impacted vials were packed in lot 934778 and expire in June 2022.