About On Pharma

On Pharma is a web log that looks at the drug industry with a special focus on its invisible and long-neglected stepchild, manufacturing, which is now coming into its own as a strategically important area.  It's administered by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's editor, Agnes Shanley, a late 20th century editor who is still adjusting to digital 21st century media, but who finds the industry's evolution to be as interesting a story as she's ever had to cover.   This blog is affiliated with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine, although views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine's  publisher, Putman Media LLC. Its aim is to direct the reader to fresh coverage of news and issues in that magazine and its affiliated web sites, www.pharmamanufacturing.com and www.knowpharma.com, but also, those of its competitors, and other sources.   It is still a work in progress, but aims to find useful, entertaining, and unusual information in as many different formats, and from as many sources, as possible, and to get more people involved in drug manufacturing and other areas within the industry to discuss the issues, both technical and non-technical, that affect them day to day. This blog will soon migrate to the magazine's web site, and will feature contributions from the entire editorial team, including Heidi Parsons, Bill Swichtenberg and Michele Vaccarello and guest columnists.