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 If behavior often speaks volumes, then the pharmaceutical industry is saying a lot lately in the way that it is responding to the social and economic forces that affect its markets and the potential commercial success of the drugs they develop and deliver around the world. This two-piece State of the Union series features:• Heard it on the DCAT Street: Pharma leadership talks strategy • In it for the Long Haul: PhM's 2015 Reader Salary Survey Results

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  • New Manufacturing Equipment Targets Increased Tablet Production Efficiencies

    By Nigel Walker, Managing Director, That’s Nice LLC

    Several recent trends in the pharmaceutical industry are converging to squeeze profit margins for drug manufacturers, who are adopting multiple strategies in response. Increasing production efficiency is one key approach, and equipment manufacturers have been responding with the development of…

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  • Top 10 Considerations in Cold Chain Logistics

    By Bruce Simpson, Director of Commercial Operations, Fisher BioServices, a Thermo Fisher Scientific Brand

    There are many things to consider when shipping your high-value, temperature sensitive products using a cold chain logistics process. These range from complying with regulatory standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Transportation…

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  • Value Delivery’s Next Chapter

    By Kangyi Mao, Phil Berk, Frank Cordes and Gideon Walter, The Boston Consulting Group

    The case of biotechnology pioneer Genzyme highlights an undisputed fact: companies that stumble when it comes to building robust manufacturing operations pay a steep price. In 2008 when Genzyme attempted to scale up production of Myozyme, a treatment for a rare condition affecting the heart and…

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  • Welcome to the New Age: Pharma Manufacturing App Coming April 6!

    By Steven E. Kuehn

    Sure, some things are harder to accept than others. One of those hard-to-accept things, at least for readers and writers of a certain age, may be watching the eclipse of the printed word on paper by the inexorable march of the digital age. Since that first Sumerian scribe took his stylus to a…

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  • Taking a Closer Look at ICH Q2 (R1)

    By Emil W. Ciurczak, Contributing Editor

    It’s time to take a fresh look at Q2 (R1) (Step 4 incorporated 11/05). Considering that the PAT Guidance wasn’t official until 2004, assume the ICH participants didn’t consider it when writing the Q2 document because it does not consider spectroscopic methods. Perusing the PAT/QbD literature…

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  • Trends Impacting Pharma Equipment

    By Nigel Walker, managing director, That’s Nice LLC

    The main driver influencing all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry is the growing downward pressure on costs. Shifting markets, the end of the blockbuster era, government healthcare mandates, and the linkage of insurance reimbursement with medical outcomes are all affecting drug pricing around…

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