All-Star Innovators 2015

Pharma's all-star tech athletes have the gear to win the big game

Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
PM1507_cover all star

Evolutionary or revolutionary, technical innovation is supporting new gains in pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing efficiency. That is, the technologies are available to help achieve these gains, but only if these players get a chance to get out of the bullpen and have their turn at bat. Let's be honest, it's been a long time since Pharma's leadership in manufacturing excellence was accepted as fact, but there are plenty of drug manufacturers out there (as well as their design, engineering and technology suppliers) who beg to differ.But it's a new year and another season entirely, one spanning an incredibly dynamic, complex global marketplace. The pace of change…

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  • Gemini Analyzer

       Full Name: Gemini Analyzer Team: Thermo ScientificStatus: Portable, handy, ready for in-situ scanning tasks Debut: March 2015 Field Position: Portability puts its lab-capable functionality anywhere Skill Set: Gemini delivers lab-quality FTIR and Raman analysis in one highly integrated…

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  • Mobius 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor

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