Packaging Delivers: 2015 Pharma Packaging Trends

For the pharmaceutical industry, what's on the outside counts as much as what's on the inside

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It's hard to understate the critical role pharmaceutical packaging plays in ensuring the efficient distribution and eventually, the safe consumption of the world's drug supply. Much of where the category is today (and all that it brings to Pharma) stems from an amazing confluence of operational and technological wisdom gained from years and years of applicational experience across all sectors of the industrial landscape. Seriously essential, packaging has always delivered, but in 2015 it's being asked to deliver even more to meet Pharma's ever-expanding demand for packaging solutions. From the materials and science associated with primary packaging, to the increasing…

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    Most people are aware of the problems associated with illegal drugs, but there is another type of drug problem that rarely makes the news: the sale of counterfeit medications. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that counterfeit drug sales nets more than $45 billion annually, and accounts…

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    Clinical trials are rising in both frequency and complexity. Increased global demand for U.S. manufacturing, along with the growth in specialty drug manufacturing nationally, have fast-tracked industry investment in drug development. Manufacturers are aware of the need to cut costs and increase…

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