All-Star Innovators 2015

Pharma's all-star tech athletes have the gear to win the big game

Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
PM1507_cover all star

Evolutionary or revolutionary, technical innovation is supporting new gains in pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing efficiency. That is, the technologies are available to help achieve these gains, but only if these players get a chance to get out of the bullpen and have their turn at bat. Let's be honest, it's been a long time since Pharma's leadership in manufacturing excellence was accepted as fact, but there are plenty of drug manufacturers out there (as well as their design, engineering and technology suppliers) who beg to differ.But it's a new year and another season entirely, one spanning an incredibly dynamic, complex global marketplace. The pace of change…

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  • Paving the Road for Sustainable Solutions

    By Arne Buthmann, Pharma Practice Area Lead, Valeocon Management Consulting

    When PharmaCo (fictitious name) launched its Asset Change Control (ACC) project, the company faced a highly fragmented situation where physical asset changes were managed non-homogeneously across the manufacturing sites of one of its divisions. For instance, some sites would only include GMP…

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    By Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief

    It's hard to understate the critical role pharmaceutical packaging plays in ensuring the efficient distribution and eventually, the safe consumption of the world's drug supply. Much of where the category is today (and all that it brings to Pharma) stems from an amazing confluence of operational and…

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    What's driving Bio Pharma manufacturing production in 2015? To get to that answer and rank the industry's Top 15 trends for 2015, we drew insight from our "12th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production" as well as input from BioPlan's Biotechnology…

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    I recall one Validation Director telling me how difficult it was to explain his daily job, to his children. “They really could not believe that I still dealt with a room called ‘The Vault,” he said, “in which hundreds of thousands of paper documents were stored.” He said he didn’t have…

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  • BioPharma Manufacturing in the EMEA Region

    From 100 liter facility in Kenya, to 90,000 liter facilities in Ireland and Denmark, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing in the European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region may be more robust than one might think. To lend transparency and illuminate the regions’ activity in this sector, analysts at…

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