Pharma’s Search for Operational Truth

Integration of control and business information technologies are opening new windows of enterprise transparency

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As with any contemporary, complex manufacturing enterprise, information technology (IT) is a key, critical element crucial to effective and efficient operations. This is especially true for Pharma and Life Sciences. Of course it is, just ask any traditional IT operative in your organization; they’re sure to tell you the whole place would come to a screeching halt without their expert guidance and technology. Pride aside, it’s more or less fact. The digital age has introduced much in the way of game-changing technology to the “business” side of the house, including fundamental protocols, pervasive enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, and all those…

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  • Pharma’s Landscape is Going to Look a Lot Different in 2026

    By Girish Malhotra, PE, EPCOT International

    Although the future is difficult to predict, if we observe what is happening around us carefully, the tea leaves can be read with enough clarity to make some plausible projections. Most veteran Pharma observers, me included, might say reading such leaves for the companies and others working…

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  • Power Moves: Contract Services' Success Strategies

    By Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief

    Contract services organizations are pursuing a number of strategies to be successful, competitive and relevant to their customers. To get there, this important Pharma sector is driving manufacturing and process innovation at an impressive pace. Critics may argue that compared to other industries…

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  • Quality Control with Handheld Raman

    By Claire Dentinger, Applications Scientist, Rigaku Analytical Devices

    Raw material identification (RMID) is a critical step for ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) and safeguarding the quality of pharmaceutical products. Increasingly strict regulatory requirements for RMID mean that pharmaceutical manufacturers are under increasing pressure…

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  • How Smart is Your Factory?

    By Gordon Benzie

    Much has been discussed about Smart Manufacturing, or the use of the Industrial Internet of Things in manufacturing environments. But it seems everyone has a different opinion of what that actually means. In this post, I want to make an attempt at defining what a Smart Factory is. As I see it,…

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  • Process Hazards Analysis Documentation for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    By David Kaelin, Senior Process Safety Specialist Chilworth Technology (a DEKRA Company)

    The pharmaceutical industries often conduct batch reactions using toxic or flammable materials. In many cases, complex chemical reactions are carried out with significant energy release. Such processing can cause fire, explosion or runaway reaction hazards that could threaten personnel and…

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  • Strong Growth Ahead for Contract Manufacturing

    By Nigel Walker, Managing Director, That’s Nice LLC / Nice Insight

    Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) of small- and large-molecule drug substances and formulated drug products have had profitable businesses in recent years, including 2015. Growth rates for contract manufacturing have been much higher than that of the market for the…

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