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Any successful baseball player knows that the key to unlocking greatness lies in thinking ahead to the next play — figure out exactly what pitch the ace is about to throw, or exactly when that baserunner is about to break — and you are one step ahead of the competition. Back this forward-thinking philosophy with a talented team, and you have a sure winner. As pharma companies push to innovate drug product offerings, they will undoubtedly need new technology to manufacture their products. But technology alone is no longer sufficient. In the new, non-blockbuster-reliant era of pharma, capital expenses have to be applicable to more than one process or product,…

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  • Pharma’s Role in Pediatric Medication Adherence

    By Emilie Branch, Scientific Content Manager, That’s Nice/Nice Insight

    Though medication non-adherence has been discussed with growing interest for several decades, the topic remains an important focus of the pharmaceutical industry. In 2012, it is estimated that 8% of the total healthcare spending in the United States – more than $200 billion – was spent on…

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  • Lean and Mean: How Does Your Supply Chain Shape Up?

    By Knut Alicke and Martin Lösch, McKinsey & Company

    For all the effort and ingenuity that pharma companies are putting into streamlining sales and operations planning, inventory management and logistics, major opportunities remain in the outbound supply chain, from packaging to delivery. The typical pharma company operates a historically grown…

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  • Innovation in Quality Metrics

    By Dr. Prabir Basu, Pharma Manufacturing, OPEX and cGMP Consultant; Dr. Nuala Calnan, Pharmaceutical Science & Regulatory Team at DIT, Ireland; Dr. Thomas Friedli, Professor, Institute of Technology Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

    In the world of pharmaceutical production, it is universally understood that a robust pharmaceutical quality system provides key elements of assurance and oversight for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It ensures that patients are provided with medications that are safe, effective, and…

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  • Key Elements to Consider When Packaging Parenteral Products

    By Jeffrey Reid, Global Market Manager, Wheaton Industries

    Vials, ampules, syringes and rubber stoppers are just a few examples of primary packaging components that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers utilize to package their end products. When these components are utilized for injectable drug products, also known as parenteral drug products, they must…

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  • Industrial Internet of Things Primer: Bridge the Gap Between OT and IT

    By Matt Newton, Opto 22

    You’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also called Industry 4.0, primarily in Europe. But what is it? The IoT is poised to offer society the greatest opportunity for advancement since the Industrial Revolution: a world where all…

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