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Difference Makers 2005

Nominate someone you know and respect!

Know someone who is making a real difference in pharmaceutical manufacturing? It could be someone who:
  • Has made a unique contribution to drug manufacturing;

  • Is developing a noteworthy product or process;

  • Has invented or innovated a technology;

  • Embodies the spirit of making products to serve the public health;

  • Has an undying determination to succeed and influence peers and the industry;

  • Is leading a fight to transform a plant or corporate culture;

  • Has devoted a lifetime of service to the industry.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is currently accepting nominations for our Difference Makers 2005 awards, a celebration of individuals who move the industry forward and bring out the best in their peers.

Know someone making a difference? Let us know!

  1. How to nominate someone:

  2. To nominate someone you know, click the “Download Now” button below to access the nomination form. Fill it out and email it (attached as a Word document) by September 1st to Please include “Difference Makers Nomination” in the subject line.

    We will then contact you for further information and take your nominee into consideration for our select group of Difference Makers, to be featured in our January 2006 print issue.

  3. Who can be nominated?

  4. Anyone making a difference, on any scale. The person need not be well known in the industry nor in a high-ranking position within a company.

  5. How will nominees be judged?

  6. The editorial staff and editorial review board of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will select award winners based upon open discussion and general consensus. No balloting or point systems will be used to determine award winners.
September 1, 2005

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