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Pressure Regulating Valve Family


PM1506 GFPiping InnovateCard

Full Name: Pressure Regulating Valve Family

 GF Piping Systems

Status: Elastomer Free

Debut: January 2015

Field Position: High purity piping systems

Skill Set: Engineered modular design and materials eliminate particle shedding

Performance Stats:
• Elastomer-free proprietary piston design
• Modular design and cartridge makes valve function switches easier
• Central housing nut does away with re-torqueing 

Regulatory Profile: Suitable for high-purity system duty and GMP-based processing.

Coach’s Notes: “Our new Pressure Regulating Valve family offers solutions that no one else in the PRV market offers,” says Jeff Sixsmith, Product Manager for Valves and Actuation for GF Piping Systems. “The piston design that makes it elastomer-free, is truly unique.  And, the modular system makes changing the valve function from pressure reducing to pressure retaining extremely easy.”  

Scout’s Notes: "In addition to its elastomer-free capability provided by the proprietary piston design, high-purity operation is further enhanced via the valve’s threaded bonnet, which has no exposed metal bolts. The central housing nut does away with re-torqueing for easier operation and compact design enables installation in limited space. Other outstanding characteristics include its modular system that allows the user to easily adjust the set pressure range and quickly go from reducing to retaining (or vice versa) by simply switching the cartridge. The initial product introduction includes two different PRV types in five materials - PVC, CPVC, PROGEF Standard PP, SYGEF Standard PVDF, and SYGEF Plus PVDF-HP - in sizes from 3/8” to 2” (DN 10 – DN 50). Standards include ISO 9393 for tightness and EN 12266 for leak rating."

Team Resources: GF Piping Systems headquartered in Irvine, California, supplies a full range of plastic pipe, fittings, valves, actuators, rotameters, fusion machines, secondary containment, heat exchangers, custom products, and sensors and instrumentation for industrial process control.





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