Chemineer Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Chemineer offers a six-page brochure featuring its mixing and agitation solutions that increase productivity throughout the water and wastewater treatment processes. Chemineer has extensive global experience in providing mixing solutions that incorporate advanced product design and selection technologies to ensure reliable performance and long service life in a wide range of applications.

The full-color brochure contains detailed Process Flow charts indicating specific Chemineer products for various stages of water and wastewater treatment. It also provides product specific information — including features and benefits — of applied technology and innovation tools and procedures.

This brochure details the extensive line of Chemineer turbine agitators, with advanced impeller design options as well as Kenics static mixers that offer significant mixing advantages for water and wastewater treatment applications. Chemineer has a proven reputation for product design and manufacturing quality that ensures outstanding performance and long service life for overall low total cost of ownership. Combined with proprietary data evaluation methodology and extensive field experience,
Chemineer provides the most accurate water and wastewater treatment application evaluation possible.

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