Cole-Parmer: Introducing the New, Efficient IKA BR 10 Bioreactor

Created in collaboration with marine scientists, the IKA BR 10 Bioreactor is a progressive step forward, with an interface that controls all of the photosynthetic variables of lighting, motion, pH value, and temperature. The unit takes up less than half the space―and is priced at about half the price―of a traditional bioreactor. Yet, with advanced features and a sleek design, it ensures optimal cell growth of phototrophic organisms such as algae, moss plants, and even many species of bacteria.

Used for applications including fermentation, medical research, biodiesel, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and more, this 10-liter model is versatile in the lab. The interior of the fully jacketed vessel is chemically inert with no exposure to metals. It is specifically designed for temperature-sensitive samples. The vessel is surrounded by a lamp shield with six removable and compact, double-fluorescent lamps enabling the photosynthetic process to take place. The digitally controlled PTFE overhead stirrer with two 4-blade adjustable propellers gently agitates contents to assist in oxygen transfer (yet preserves fragile cells). The variable-speed peristaltic pump provides a 120 to 450 mL/min flow rate. As a 10-liter system, the lighting can be disabled and the unit can be used as a lab reactor.
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