Particle Measuring Systems

The Lasair II, well known for its total particle monitoring abilities, now also comes with the longest lasting laser on the market, complete GMP and ISO features, and a USB port.

This portable particle counter calculates and creates reports for EC GMP Annex #1, ISO 14644-1, and FS-209E testing and provides easy sub-sampling for ISO certification. Both ISO and EC GMP reports are generated from a single sampling run. It has a comprehensive validation manual to meet the regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, making it easier to implement new technologies.

Built to last, the Lasair II provides superior reliability and laser longevity. Field data shows that less than 3% of lasers fail within the first four years, projecting a laser MTTF of over 13 years and making the Lasair II the longest lasting particle counter available. It also comes with a rugged, chemically-resistant casing that can be wiped down with harsh industrial cleaners and sterilization fluids.

The Lasair II includes a USB port with can be used to download data or with a remote keyboard.

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Particle Measuring Systems