Thermo Electron Corp.

Thermo Electron Corp. has launched its new NXR FT-Raman system combining faster detectors and sampling automation to make high-throughput screening applications possible. The new NXR FT-Raman platform is primarily targeted at chemists, materials scientists, forensic scientists and process developers in pharmaceutical and polymer production.

The new NXR FT-Raman spectrometers combine the Raman analytical technique known for its minimal sample preparation and fluorescence-free data collection with new high-performance detectors. The NXR Genie germanium detector delivers new levels of speed, signal-to-noise ratio, and hold time, allowing high-speed scanning without compromising on data quality.

The instruments also integrate a MicroStage FT-Raman microscope enabling easy macro- and micro-sampling from the same stage. Smaller objects can be viewed and the versatility of the platform means that high-end experimentation can be performed efficiently and accurately.
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