Contract Manufacturing: Enhanced Coverage in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Jan. 27, 2008

It's no secret that drug companies are outsourcing more strategically important drug development and manufacturing projects.  Last year, AstraZeneca announced that it would outsource all manufacturing operations over the next 10 years.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has always covered contract manufacturers in depth, both in print and online.  We base these articles on first-hand information, an interview and a plant visit, or invite a technical expert within the company to collaborate on a piece with an expert within the drug industry.

Examples include:

As outsourcing's importance grows, our editors are particularly interested in receiving editorial submissions from contract manufacturing companies for publication online and/or in print.

Unlike operating pharma companies, who are often afraid of disclosing best practices or the  use of new technologies and losing competitive advantage, information on best practices coming from a contract manufacturer only reinforces that company's marketing message and enhances its reputation among our readers.  It also provides editorial value to readers in operating companies, who can learn from best practices being applied by contract companies.

We will be paying special attention to filling and biopharma applications in 2008.  Most relevant tracks on our print editorial calendar include:

  • API Manufacturing and Drug Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process Operations
  • IT
  • Packaging, Fill and Finish

To complement editorial coverage, we also offer a number of marketing options online, on both and, to improve awareness of your brand among the 40,000 decision makers within the industry who have registered for our sites. 

These include:

  • Online registration-based knowledge centers summarizing your company's  technologies, and offering a one-stop source of information in traditional digital and multimedia formats
  • Custom research, and branded surveys that allow the most relevant groups of our readers and web visitors to answer your most challenging marketing questions
  • Branded registration-based resource centers in which your company leads coverage and discussion of a key issue
  • Proven lead generation programs, with ongoing monitoring and metrics and consultation with our digital sales team.

Our White Paper and MultiMedia alert programs send your company's message, in the form of a technically relevant white paper, podcast or webcast, to the most relevant names on our opt-in subscriber list.

  • Sponsors receive all sales leads, and information on those who have downloaded their materials.
  • Custom webinars and multimedia

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