Top 2019 ERP and Digital Transformation Predictions

Dec. 14, 2018

While many organizations are just beginning their digital transformation journeys, technology has continued to evolve. 

There are a number of emerging trends that point to an equally exciting year ahead in 2019. Here are some ERP and digital transformation predictions for 2019 from our friends at Third Stage Consulting Group:

1.There will be a shakeup in the top ERP systems
This year’s ERP system ranking underscores the constantly-changing nature of the ERP software industry. In years past, Salesforce and Workday would have never been considered ERP systems per se, but they make the top of the list this year. And ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite fared much better in this year’s rankings than in years past. In contrast, incumbents such as Oracle did not make the list of top ERP systems. This all points to a very dynamic enterprise technology space in the coming year.

2.Traditional ERP implementations will become increasingly obsolete
Implementing ERP like it’s 1999 didn’t work then – and it’s definitely not working now. In 2019, more companies will find success by broadening their view of enterprise technology.

3.More companies will focus on two-tier digital transformation approaches
The increasing focus on digital transformation will also enable more two-tier implementation approaches. Instead of assuming that a single software solution or single vendor can deliver the breakthrough capabilities required for the future, more companies are finding value in a two-tier approach involving multiple systems for different functions.

4.Implementation readiness will become a prerequisite for transformation success
Too many companies have jumped blindly into their ERP implementations without a clear plan or organization. We can expect that to change in 2019, largely because more companies are apt to deploy multiple technologies when compared to the past.

5.Cloud ERP will reach the tipping point of adoption
Some have been touting the death of on-premise ERP for years now. We don’t know that on-premise will ever completely go away, but 2019 will be the year that cloud ERP reaches the tipping point of adoption. Software vendors and the entire ERP ecosystem are all investing too much money in their flagship cloud products for this not to influence adoption rates. Next year will be the year that this materializes in very real ways.

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