Digital Transformation: Are You Stuck in the Pilot Stage?

Dec. 4, 2018
This webinar will help manufacturers avoid pilot purgatory and scale-up digital transformation

From predictive analytics, to robotic process automation, to AI-based applications, pharma manufacturing is at the cusp of a digital revolution. 

Yet, a recent collaboration between the World Economic Forum and McKinsey found that more than 70 percent of industrial companies are still either at the start of their journeys or unable to go beyond the pilot stage. This is referred to as “pilot purgatory” — where technology is rolled out experimentally at reduced scale for an extended period due to the inability or unwillingness to deploy at a larger scale.

The results of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s second annual Smart Pharma survey confirmed a lot of what we already know: The pharmaceutical industry has seen great advances in transformative technology, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that if properly harnessed, many of these innovations can give manufacturers an edge. But recent survey results closely mirror the responses from last year — and the concern is that this could mean progress is stalling.

Digital manufacturing holds the promise to capture substantial value via 40 percent gains in production capacity and 15 percent reductions in unit costs. But in order to keep moving forward and propel itself into the next stage of digital transformation, pharma needs to confront some very real challenges.

To that end, we are happy to offer this free webinar, designed to help pharma manufacturers learn how develop a roadmap for implementing digital, while at the same time cultivating a new culture, developing digital capabilities and transforming their organizations to fully embrace digital innovation.

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