After winning accelerated approval, Lilly’s cancer drug fails in study

Jan 21, 2019

An Eli Lilly treatment for advanced soft-tissue sarcoma missed the mark in a phase 3 study and will no longer be prescribed. 

According to the company, the drug, Lartruvo, failed to significantly improve patient survival rates when used in combination with chemotherapy doxorubicin, compared to doxorubicin alone. 

The FDA granted an accelerated approval status to Lartruvo in 2016 when it was in phase 2 trials, with final approval riding on the results on Lilly’s ongoing study.  

Lilly said that patients receiving therapeutic benefit from Lartruvo can continue to use the drug. The company is working with regulators to evaluate the next steps for Lartruvo, but at this time is not recommending that new patients are prescribed the drug. 

Analysts had predicted that sales for Lartruvo would reach nearly $375 million this year. 

Read the full Reuters report.

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