Novo reports more positive results from obesity drug trials

Mar 21, 2018

It’s so far, so good for Novo Nordisk’s new treatment for obesity.

In a recent proof-of-principle trial, the company reported that its semaglutide molecule, marketed under the name Ozempic, was successful in helping patients lose weight. The study broke nearly 1,000 patients into different groups based on varying doses of semaglutide, which is administered as a subcutaneous injection. The patients also received diet and exercise counseling.

After one year, the higher the dose of semaglutite the patients received, the more weight they lost. The group that shed the most pounds got the highest dose on a daily basis, ultimately losing 13.8 percent of their body weight, compared to 2.3 percent who received a placebo. 

But because a daily injection could be a barrier for many patients, Novo says it plans to take its once-a-week dose of Ozempic into further trials.

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