Inovio HIV vax shows 6 month immune response

May 21, 2018

In a Phase 1 clinical study, Inovio Pharmaceuticals announced that its HIV vaccine, PENNVAX-GP, maintained durable and robust immune responses at month 12, a full six months after the last dose.

To potentially prevent and treat HIV, PENNVAX-GP consists of a combination of four HIV antigens designed to generate both antibody and T-cell responses and cover multiple global HIV strains.

The drugmaker has previously reported that PENNVAX-GP elicited the highest overall levels of immune response rates (cellular and humoral) ever demonstrated in a human study by an HIV vaccine. The new data, from subjects followed for a full one year of the study, showed that the immune responses were maintained in most subjects at month 12 (or six months after the last dose) as evidenced by the durability of activated T cells as well as the magnitude of responder rates.

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