Jury Awards $150M to Plaintiff in AbbVie AdroGel Case

Jul 24, 2017


AbbVie was dealt a blow from a federal jury in Chicago that ordered the company to pay $150 million in punitive damages to 54-year-old Jesse Mitchell and his wife who sued the drugmaker in 2014. The jury ruled AbbVie fraudulently misrepresented the risks of its testosterone replacement drug AndroGel.

AbbVie reportedly misled Mitchell and his doctor about AndroGel’s propensity to cause blood clots, which can lead to fatal heart attacks, according to a Bloomberg article. Mitchell suffered a heart attack in 2012 after taking AndroGel for four years, but the jury said AbbVie was not negligent or liable for the heart attack and it did not award Mitchell compensatory damages for his injuries and losses.

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