Gottlieb to Delay FDA Layoffs, Banking on Fee Reauthorization

Jul 27, 2017


In an email to agency staff, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he will delay issuing the previously mentioned layoff notices until after September 30th, and only if if Congress has not passed legislation to reauthorize user fee programs by then.

Specifically, Gottlieb said, "because we can reasonably expect that there will be timely reauthorization of the User Fee programs by Congress by September 30, we do not anticipate initiating the process of making a determination regarding potential RIF notices unless and until September 30 passes without reauthorization."

The reauthorization proposals for PDUFA, MDUFA, GDUFA, and BSUFA were submitted to Congress in January, and  President Trump and Congress must take action on the already-agreed-to reauthorizations by September 30th. The agency had previously indicated that if Congress did not take action by August 1, the FDA would have to issue layoff notices to thousands of FDA employees.

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