Generic Drugmaker Lannett Jacks Up Prices

Apr 17, 2017

The New York Times

Generic drugmaker Lannett Co. is reportedly doubling or tripling drug prices on some of its products. According to a New York Times' article, those increases are noteworthy because 1) its drugs are all off patent and should be discounted; and 2) Lannett is raising prices despite an antitrust inquiry from the Justice Department and a drug-pricing investigation by Connecticut’s attorney general, the story said.

For example, a bottle of dicyclomine (a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome) 100 10-milligram capsules will soon cost $19.95, up from $5.90, its price since 2001. And last year, Lannett more than tripled the price of terbutaline (a treatment for asthma and emphysema), from $136 a bottle up to $435 for 100 tablets of 2.5 milligrams each.

Lannett, based in Philadelphia, sells drugs for thyroid conditions, gastrointestinal diseases and congestive heart failure, among other ailments. 

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