IBC Announces BioProcess International Keynotes

By Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief

Jul 17, 2014

bioimage large2Most anyone who’s breathing and staying even slightly current with the market for biopharmaceuticals understand that at approximately $190 billion a year and growing, this segment of the life sciences industry is a force to be reckoned with and its commercial potential is not expected to abate anytime soon. According to BioPlan Associate’s Eric S. Langer, the industry is set to generate 15 percent growth annually for the foreseeable future.

Where’s the growth supposed to come from? It’s more than likely there’ll be a few clues to be had from keynote presenters at BioProcess International’s (BPI) upcoming conference and exhibition October 20-23 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Scientific leaders from an innovative vanguard of companies developing next-generation biologics, including Abbvie, Biogen Idec, Momenta, Sanofi-Genzyme and DARPA are headlining the event, leaders intent on sharing their insights into the innovation the industry will need to sustain its growth and enahance its life-saving potential.

Commenting on the drive for continual biological innovation, Ralph Lambalot, Ph.D., Vice President, Biologics Development, AbbVie said, "Bioprocess innovation plays a key role in responding to the economic and regulatory pressures on the BioPharma industry. Advances in our speed to market, product compliance, patient access and the patient experience all depend on continued innovation in our processes and capabilities."

IBC Life Sciences, organizer of events in drug discovery, diagnostics, biologics development, production and delivery, says 2014 keynote presentations at the industry’s largest annual event will feature:

Momenta Pharmaceuticals chief scientific officer Ganesh V. Kaundinya, offering “Understanding Complexity in Biological Systems through Big Data Analytics- Applications to Biosimilars and Novel Biologics,”

AbbVie’s vice president, Biologics Development Ralph Lambalot, presenting “Delivering Innovation in Biotherapeutic Manufacturing: From Continuous Improvement to Disruptive Innovation, What Can Current Industry Trends Tell Us About the Next 10 Years?”

Biogen Idec’s executive vice president, Pharmaceutical Operations & Technology, John G. Cox, presenting “Delivering on a Global Biopharmaceutical Portfolio: Biogen Idec's Strategy for Success through Innovations in R&D, Protein Development and Manufacturing,”

Sanofi-Genzyme R&D Center’s group vice president Robert Mattaliano, delivering “Keeping the Patient's and Caregiver's Experience in Mind.”

Certainly there’s more to the conference and there is, plenty more. According to IBC, a major new attraction launched at BPI 2014 is the BPI Theater, specially designed to showcase the latest products and innovations from the industry's leading companies and scientific pioneers. To enhance the productivity of BPI delegates, IBC says it will provide them with access to partnering360®, the largest online network of life science dealmakers. BPI delegates gain exclusive access to a BPI specific partnering360® networking tool enabling attendees to identify and schedule meetings with potential partners, “while fostering deeper engagement before, during and following the event,” says IBC.

Significant partnering opportunities will also exist, notes IBC, for biopharmaceutical firms developing new and improved biologics including mAbs, vaccines, ADCs, recombinant proteins, bispecifics, enzymes, biosimilars and cell therapies. BioProcess International conference programming will be held October 20-23, 2-day training courses on October 21-22 and the exhibition is October 21-23. Complete details on this event can be found at www.IBCLifeSciences.com/BPI.