Endress+Hauser Offers Online Thermowell Sizing Calculator

Source: PharmaManufacturing.com

Jun 17, 2013

Endress+Hauser introduces a free on-line thermowell calculation tool to help customers stay compliant with the new ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010thermowell standards.

The thermowell sizing toolcalculates the thermowell’s ability to withstand stresses under given process conditions, important for safety-critical or demanding applications with high flow rates or high process pressures, particularly in the oil and gas and chemical industry.

Because a thermowell is subjected to a variety of stresses in these types of applications, typically because of in-line and transverse vibrations, it is necessary to run calculations on the thermowell design to make sure these stresses do not exceed the maximum allowable limit. Endress+Hauser’s thermowell sizing calculator gives users a safe alternative to not only thermowell failure but loss of measurement, damage to expensive equipment, and safety risks to plant personnel.

Unlike the traditional, time-consuming approach of using spreadsheets, the thermowell sizing calculator allows usersto make preliminary calculations to select the right thermowell early on in the design process – in just a few clicks.

Enrichments in the thermowell calculation tool include a larger variety of thermowell geometries, such as stepped thermowells, and the updated ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010standards have enhanced resonant frequency calculations allowing the maximum thermowell length to be determinedbased upon the process conditions.

The thermowell calculation tool is available on-linevia the Endress+Hauser Applicatortool, a program that provides step-by-step assistance with product selection, sizing, and configuration.

Also available on-line is a new white paper titled, “Basics of Thermowell Design and Selection,” that discusses thermowell design considerations, how to perform thermowell calculations, and options for selecting the right thermowell.

To try out the new thermowell calculation tool, read the white paper, or for more detailed information, please visit: http://www.us.endress.com/temp_manufacturing.