The CHOZN Ones: SAFC Acquires Commercial Licensing of Bioproduction Platform


Jun 05, 2013

The Sacramento Bee

The Sigma-Aldrich Corporation announced that SAFC Commercial, its custom manufacturing services business unit, has won commercial sales and licensing contracts with two leading Asian biopharmaceutical companies for the purchase of CHOZN, their off-the-shelf cell line production platform. The contracts feature the CHOZN Platform system as a key component of each customer's global biotherapeutic commercialization strategy.

The CHOZN Platform consists of the CHOZN GS -/- CHO cell line and an optimized set of cGMP-produced, chemically defined media and feeds designed specifically for the cell line to maximize the production of monoclonal antibodies and other r-proteins. Powered by Sigma-Aldrich's CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease technology, SAFC's cGMP-produced and tested CHOZN cell line was the first commercially available glutamine synthetase knockout CHO line on the market. Read the full story.