Northwest Analytics Launches Next Generation Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solution


May 17, 2013

Northwest Analytics

Northwest Analytics, a leader in manufacturing intelligence solutions for process industries, today announced the launch of NWA Focus EMI®, (www.nwasoft/focus-emi) a next-generation enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution that provides complete data source integration, and real-time process analytics and visibility.  The solution’s two unique accelerating modules, KnowledgeBase and Collaboration, greatly improve a user’s ability to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise, and collaborate across geographically dispersed manufacturing operations to pinpoint and quickly resolve issues and share best practices. 

The first market-driven EMI solution, NWA Focus EMI supports all commercial databases.  It delivers a unique approach to data integration by directly accessing data where it ‘lives’, combining data from multiple sources and applying analytics in real time to support and drive operational decisions.   The system-wide KnowledgeBase module consolidates process, quality and problem-solving knowledge in a single, discoverable database supporting shared knowledge and best practices across plant and global operations. The cloud-based Collaboration module quickly mobilizes expertise and experience across the enterprise to solve critical production issues. Asynchronous communication integrates text, graphics, pictures, documents, and video to seamlessly share important, complex information. This ensures the right people have the right information and context to solve the most pressing manufacturing issues quickly, saving time, money and resources.

“NWA Focus EMI delivers complete data integration with a ubiquitous analytics layer to deliver real-time process visibility across a single line or plant, or across the entire enterprise putting the power in the hands of the customer to effectively drive meaningful value from data to reduce costs, increase yields and improve product quality. The KnowledgeBase and Collaboration Modules accelerate the value of EMI by capturing and proliferating best practices, and quickly bringing together experts from around the enterprise to resolve pressing operational issues through collaboration,” said Peter Guilfoyle, VP of Marketing for Northwest Analytics.  “By giving the organization access to analyzed data in real time versus through typical data collection and  reporting, common issues are identified, corrective and preventative actions are taken, best practices are captured and shared, and responses to regulatory and customer mandates can be quicker and more accurate.” 

The Dow Chemical Company became an early adopter for NWA Focus EMI has 14 plants using the solution.  “We were looking for a better way to retrieve, join and analyze data and turn that information into real knowledge throughout the organization,” said Lloyd Colegrove, Director of Fundamental Problem Solving at The Dow Chemical Company.  “NWA EMI Focus, with its ability to directly access data from multiple databases and apply analytics in real time, is giving us immediate access to critical process information and focuses us on the information and best practices that most influence and improve our production output and quality. 

Guilfoyle added that implementation of the EMI solution averages only 1-3 weeks and output is often returned in just a few hours after the start of the implementation.  “Based on customer feedback, NWA Focus EMI delivers a full system payback in two to six months. That is a direct result of the solution leveraging existing database investments and eliminating data duplication and its movement to a separate system for analysis.  Measurable soft returns include faster solution implementations, quick user adoption, and the surfacing of more meaningful information which increases operational performance and impacts a company’s profitability and bottom line,” he said.