News: Medicis' Jonah Shacknai's Press Conference: Money Talks Louder Than Deaths?


Aug 10, 2011

Jonah Shacknai spoke at a press conference to his shareholders that are apparently concerned about the mysterious deaths at the pharmaceutical millionaire's mansion. While not specifically addressing the deaths of his son and girlfriend, Shacknai was sure to address his concern about his company's business after the tragedies. Listen to the audio here. (Jump to the 2-minute mark to hear him address the tragedy and his plans going forward.)

Obviously stockholders are concerned about the financial state of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp, which Shacknai is the proud CEO of. Shacknai spoke of the earnings of his company and expressed appreciation for his stockholder's "wonderful encouragement."

The millionaire also stated, "We have undertaken some tragedies, some losses, that one couldn't imagine experiencing in a lifetime." Then the pharmaceutical CEO explained that he had taken time to spend with his other children as his family heals from these awful tragedies.

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