Bayer to restructure operations, lay off workers

Jan. 18, 2024

In a joint statement made this week, Bayer AG's Board of Management and employee representatives on the Supervisory Board outlined restructuring measures, particularly in Germany, that are anticipated to result in significant staff reductions.

Its new global operating model, "Dynamic Shared Ownership" (DSO), has the aim of “improving agility and operational efficiency by reducing hierarchies, eliminating bureaucracy, and expediting decision-making processes.”

“Bayer is currently in a difficult situation for various reasons," said Heike Prinz, member of the Board of Management and Labor Director at Bayer. ” In order to make rapid, sustainable improvements to our operational performance and our room to maneuver, far-reaching measures are necessary. We want to get Bayer back on the road to success quickly."

The job cuts, aimed to be completed by the end of 2025, will be implemented in a decentralized manner, primarily affecting managerial roles and coordination positions. Approximately 22,200 employees in Germany are currently employed by Bayer.

For job cuts in Germany, Bayer is offering staggered severance agreements, reflection periods of up to six months, and support for external placement.