Siemens Embedded Multivariate Analysis Engine Features Umetrics Technology for PAT Solutions

Feb. 9, 2010

Umetrics, a world leader in multivariate data analysis (MVDA) software, announces SIEMENS SIPAT, featuring embedded Umetrics MVDA for the implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT).  SIPAT improves process understanding and, by permitting a focus on either specific units or total batch quality, its advanced process control allows continuous process improvement in both manufacturing and development applications, enabling real-time product release.

Umetrics’ SIMCA product family is tightly integrated and connected into the SIPAT environment, from model building and management of MVDA models through to the real-time application of these models. The use of MVDA models is enabled by the incorporation of SIMCA-Q, a calculation engine for real-time multivariate predictions of continuous and batch process results. Also, SIMCA-Batch On-Line (SBOL), a server – client MVDA solution, is interfaced with the SIPAT system.

These real-time quality assurance and fault detection solutions provide substantial cost-savings and improved product quality and process economics.

SIMCA-Q is the calculation engine of the SIMCA-suite of off-line and on-line software. This suite is used in research, development, and manufacturing for a variety of objectives and purposes all with one common goal; value from data. This platform makes the analysis efficient and easily interpretable, further enhanced by Umetrics’ expertise, training and constructive support.

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