Sage hits major trial goal with potential blockbuster drug

Jan. 8, 2019

Sage Therapeutics reported positive results this week from a trial for a new type of antidepressant.

In a study of roughly 150 women, the medication, called Sage 217, met the main goal of reducing symptoms of postpartum depression.

Unlike most of the other depression treatments that work by targeting the brain’s serotonin system, Sage 217 impacts the Gaba network. As a result, the drug appears to work faster and doesn’t need to be taken daily.

In the study, Sage said that patients reported an improvement in symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia after using the medication for two weeks, and the improvements were maintained after the four-week mark.

Wall Street analysts have speculated that the medication could become a blockbuster. Reports of the study sent Sage’s shares soaring by 33 percent.

Read the Reuters report.