Roche, Nordic Bioscience go steady on biomarker development

June 16, 2022

Nordic Bioscience and Roche's diagnostics division (Roche Diagnostics) are taking things to the next level, announcing this week that they will be strengthening their ongoing partnership to develop proprietary biomarkers involved in tissue breakdown and buildup.

Under the agreement, Denmark-based Nordic will transfer new proprietary blood-based biomarkers to Roche to implement on Roche’s automated diagnostics platform, COBAS. The collaboration, the companies say, will “facilitate better clinical decisions in drug development and patient selection, as well as enrichment for precision medicine and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

The companies have already commercialized and implemented two biomarkers on Roche’s COBAS platform — the fibrogenesis PRO-C3 and type II collagen formation quantifying non-invasive biomarker.

About the announcement, Nordic’s CEO said Morten Karsdal said, “Having our biomarkers on the Roche Diagnostics’ platform and our combined capabilities will secure global availability of our best ECM biomarkers. This also adds significant value to Nordic Bioscience offerings as we transform our biomarkers from tools used only in clinical development to globally available diagnostics products.”