Bio-Chem Valve Inc. and Omnifit Ltd.

Jan. 3, 2007
Pump Dispenses High Purity or Aggressive Fluids

A new generation of its model 130 SP micro pump, with high-accuracy and low-volume dispensing, is now available from Bio-Chem Valve and Omnifit. The micro pump offers sturdier components within a new body design, featuring an all-Teflon fluid path that is sandwiched within a sturdy Delrin base to offer a firmer, more stable connection to fittings and/or to a manifold base.

The self-priming micro pump is constructed with perfluorelastomer check valves and a diaphragm to safely contain and control acidic media, abrasive chemical solutions and cleaning agents within the inert flow channel. Discrete factory-set outputs on the normally closed diaphragm pumps range from 10µl to 50µl and can be cycled at up to 2.0 Hz, with flow rates reaching up to 6.0 ml/minute.

The long-running, energy-efficient, low-volume pump offers up to 20 million dispense cycles and is well suited for rugged laboratory operations where a wide range of aggressive fluids are used. A cleaning solution can be pumped directly through the fittings and water flushed during process or chemical changeover. Fast, easy installation and/or replacement is made by a laboratory technician or operator by loosening the fittings or removing the manifold screws to install or replace the pump.