EtQ, Inc.

May 25, 2007
New Training System Incorporates Testing, Learning Management Features

EtQ recently announced the release of the new EtQ Training module, which incorporates employee testing and learning management utilities, for use within the EtQ Document Control database.

Ensuring proper training on released documents within a Quality Management System is of the utmost importance.  For every document released, employee training on those documents can have an impact on how well the Quality System is operating.  To ensure proper training on released documents, EtQ has enhanced the EtQ Employee Training database to include learning management functionality, including testing and scoring of employee training on documents within the Quality System.

Document Control and Training are linked within EtQ’s Quality Management System, as are all of EtQ’s integrated modules.  When a document is completed, the owner of that document is able to set training specifications – training requirements, groups to be trained, training due dates, and any tests associated with that document.  These tests consist of questions that relate to the content of the document, and can be labeled in multiple choice, pass/fail, or percentage scoring methods.  Once the document reaches the Awaiting Release phase in the workflow, training notifications are automatically sent to the assigned groups, and direct each employee to take the test.  Based on the result, the employee will either pass or fail a test, and training results are reported to the owner of the document.

The benefits of incorporating testing to Document Control are far-reaching.  In many systems, training is either handled manually off-line, or via self-certification.  While these methods ensure that the document was opened, it does not ensure that the document was read and understood.  EtQ’s Training system enables companies to ensure documents are read and understood, by testing employees and reporting on their score.  Furthermore, managers are able to incorporate EtQ’s Training System with EtQ’s Centralized Reporting system, run reports on training effectiveness across the enterprise, and determine the overall strength of the company’s training program.  This concept of Learning Management within the Quality System can help to improve the overall quality of employee training.

EtQ’s Training System is just one of the many integrated features within EtQ’s Quality Management System that allows for the automation of business processes, integration of quality across the enterprise, and collaboration within the company to help foster organizational change.