Web 2.0 Awards; Star-Ledger Takes on HuffPo

Taking a "TGIF" break from pharma, just learned about some new media developments. The Eris Award programs, which recognizes excellence in blogs and viral video.  You'll have until August 5 to enter; entrance fee is minimal.  More information here. Categories explained here.  (Must say I feel compassion for the judges who will have to suffer through all those YouTube "best dance performance" videos). Star-Ledger launches NJVoices, its answer to Huffington Post - The Newark Star-Ledger already showed that it's serious about Web 2.0 in the healthcare sector by launching Ed Silverman's "Pharmalot."  But it is launching much broader efforts with "NJVoices." According to Fishbowl New York, who describes the Ledger as "Tony Soprano's daily newspaper," thirty bloggers have been invited to take part.  Will Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi be among them?  We already know one of the participants:  Peter Rost, who recently blogged about it.  It's a great idea.  New Jersey endures a lot of bad press and snobbery (mainly from provincial New Yorkers who don't know any better).  P.S. - Research on Web 2.0's Impact on Journalists' Jobs Just heard from a college journalism student who is doing research on Web 2.0 and its impact on more traditional journalists and their jobs.  Any bona fide consumer or trade journalist bloggers out there who would like to advance understanding by taking a brief survey, please let me know and I'll send you info.  As a perk you'll receive results when it's completed. -AMS