View from Academia: "Scale Is Not Going to Do It" for Pharma's Future

University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School regularly publishes insights into how the pharmaceutical industry is faring, and its most recent article is the naively titled, "Rx for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Focus on Innovation, Not Marketing." As you'll read, the article does not offer any revelations, but affirmations that the blockbuster model is dead and that marketing practices will have to change.

The article does hold that drug manufacturers have thus far "dodged a bullet" in the ongoing health care reform debates despite the fact that "a lot of people in Congress want to kick them more."

The article's conclusion has me a bit perplexed--is it an allusion to the power of prayer?

"In the meantime, Pauly says the drug industry remains in search of new guidance. "They may save themselves if they come up with a wonderful product at a wonderful price," he says, "but they may need to light a votive candle."