Up, Up With People*

Thanks to Pharmalot's Ed Silverman, for pointing out the new website, Big Pharma Real People (click here to access and here for the site's mission statement). There is a need for the public to understand that the industry is made up of many altruistic, smart and compassionate people---even if some of them might happen to be libertarians.  Could the website be another PhRMA P.R. and lobbying experiment?  Not likely, but still, hope this signals an interest in more insiders writing about the industry and exchanging views. Perhaps we'll eventually see a change in pharma PR, so that the public hears much more from the people who actually make the industry run, rather than top management or those who sell or market the fruits of their invisible labor----the "lab rats" and engineers and operators who get to read about the latest management or sales retreat in Tahiti in the company newsletter as they read news blurbs about colleagues being downsized (please note Point #6 in Emil Ciurczak's recent post). Too often, pharma PR is "fluffed, primped and polished into glossy lifelessness," as one of the allegedly real people running this web site says. Christine Truelove of MedAd News had more on the site and editor "John Galt," in her Pharma Blogs: Week in Review today. "My name is Scott McTavish (aka John Galt). I have worked as a Sales Representative, Sales Manager and Director for three Big Pharma Companies over the last 30 years. In that time, I have seen our industry grow, prosper, and help our customers in more ways than I thought possible. I am very proud to call so many of you in our industry, my friends. If we don't stand up for ourselves and our industry, no one else will. Our focus needs to be on our customers and the citizens of this country. The vast majority of politicians and journalists are liars who can not be trusted to report the facts. Our organization's purpose will continue to be to take our message directly to our customers. "¦ Remember, we do not need the "˜major' media outlets for our organization to be successful. The days of Big Media controlling the news are over.Well, that's the thing about the Web. Anyone can get into it if they really want to, to make their voices heard. That's the glory about it, and also its curse. Just because something is out there in print does not necessarily make it true or right. But the Web does give a voice to the voiceless. If this site is an independent effort from pharma employees in the trenches, it's what I've hoped would happen and I'd like to think this site is really the voice of the previously voiceless. After all, the monolithic corporate lawyers would certainly be hesitant about allowing their companies to support a grassroots effort like this, and if they did, it would be fluffed, primped, and polished into glossy lifelessness by the PR arm. * I can very vaguely recall the old anthem "Up, up with people....you meet them wherever you go...." of the conservative group that once counted Glen Close among its members.  Just noticed that the program's focus has changed from relentlessly smiling group song and dance numbers to international awareness and service projects....its anthem has also been given a makeover and been modernized.  For a [very] slightly r&b version click here and play the audio file at the bottom right of the page. AMS