University of Kentucky’s Center for Pharma Sciences to be Spun Off

Opening of the center, a marvel of automation and "hands off" technology such as mobile isolators (and which we wrote about last summer ) had been delayed due to some issues with the facility's HVAC system, but it's now to be spun off as a private business. Read more from the local e-paper. A little aside that may offer some insights into pharma culture.  We decided to make the Kentucky article our cover story for that issue, and to go with a thoroughbred horse as the cover image, only we couldn't get our hands on a real live thoroughbred, so we photographed a champion jumper instead...Then,when the issue came out I got five irate emails from pharma horsewomen readers (four of whom happened to be in QA and QC roles) demanding to know how we could have put a saddle bred horse on the cover when it  said 'thoroughbred'?  Attention to detail is important...but that attention might best be focused on the more-important details. I couldn't help but wonder whether these QA and QC professionals approached their daily work in pharma land with the same hair-splitting intensity and felt some measure of sympathy for their colleagues at work.