Survey Says—This Blog is Biased in Favor of the Industry?!?

The results of John Mack's blogosphere survey just came out, and I was surprised to see that this blog was rated as the "most pro industry" of the pack. Sniff. Made me feel like a shill for PhRMA.  (I'd already been singled out as one of the lone female pharma bloggers----so now there's another "old boy network" to contend with!) I wouldn't consider myself biased in favor of all aspects of "the industry," but rather the best part of that industry... [violins, please] ...I AM very much biased in favor of those drug R&D and manufacturing professionals, and regulators who are trying to do their best every day, despite downsizing and often in the absence of enlightened management, effective IT or modern tools. These are the folks who are trying to improve the quality of life for the users of their products, meet FDA regs,  and maybe even reduce drug costs.  I feel that their work is often invisible and largely unappreciated, and it's not their fault. When I include a CEO interview video, it's not to slavishly praise them or their companies but to give some insights into their personalities and styles (and even what they look like, since some of us won't actually meet all of them) I was surprised that In the Pipeline or Eye on FDA were rated as very pro-industry.  I see them as neutral, which is what I want this blog to be. But, for the record, I don't find the blogs that were rated on the other end of the spectrum---PharmaGossip or John Mack--- "anti pharma," either. They offer constructive criticism and often in a very entertaining way. But, chacun a son gout. Thanks for including me in the survey, and, if you're reading this, for taking the whole survey project on, John. -AMS