Survey Finds Poor Leaders Drive People to Change Employers

Monster Canada recently surveyed over 5000 people to learn why they leave positions with existing employers.  (Here, a link to a Tech Republic blog source): Most of them openly admitted that their bosses drove them to leave. An excerpt from IT Republic. Here's the shorthand version of the results - 80% of the respondents blamed their boss for their decision to quit.Only 16% quit for reasons unrelated to the boss. In greater detail, the reports said: - 35% said they need expectations to be stated more clearly than is generally the case with their boss. (I believe that most people want to perform well be as effective as possible, but most supervisors don't take the time to get to know their team members' individual styles.) - 32% claimed the boss didn't treat people fairly. (My thought on this: others were treated unfairly well.) - 28% reported that the boss ruled by intimidation. (My comment is don't try this with Millennials or even GenX'ers and expect it to work more than a few times. Works for Boomers in most cases.) - 27% said their boss should learn to admit when a mistake is made and not blame others. - 22% noted that supervisors should become more accessible. (Common complaint across industries in my experience. Emails don't replace face time.) - 16% said the boss needs to listen to employees more.