St. Paddy’s Day Pharma Movie Update: Michael and Me - Manufacturing Dissent Focuses the Lens on Michael Moore

Happy St. Patrick's Day. La Feile Padraig Dhuit.The United States has taken a simple saints' feast day to a whole 'nother level. Every city and small town in America had a parade today. But one enterprising deputy trooper in Orange County, a large man, too, dressed as a leprochaun, with pot of gold and all, to issue speeding tickets today. Click here  for a little clip. Michael Moore's Sicko trailer isn't up yet, but I just learned about the new film about Mike, who DID speak with Roger (of Roger and me). Moore always seems genial, yet he doesn't "do" interviews, or wouldn't for these film makers. For more, read on.To watch the trailer, click here.  For an interview with the filmmakers, click here. Another film I wonder about: the one based on Jamie Reidy's "Evolution of a Viagra Salesman" book.�He had sold the rights to Universal Pictures a while back. Did discover, quite late,his blog on Huffington Post, though.